The aperitivo
made in Barcelona

El Bandarra Al Fresco brings you back the vibes of your last holiday in Barcelona. The sea, the sand, the party and the fun times with your friends! 

Keep your sundowners
flowing for longer

Made to be mixed with tonic, el Bandarra Al Fresco is softer than other cocktail choices: a long drink made for long days and evenings.

Good wines &
mediterranean botanicals

The best wines, herbs and spices from the Mediterranean cliffs, and notes of refreshing grapefruit. Al Fresco is 50% bitter, 50% sweet, 100% el Bandarra!


How to drink Al Fresco

Fill your glass with ice to the top
1 part Al Fresco (75 ml.) and 2 parts Tonic (150 ml.)
Garnish with a slice of orange

13 serves per 1L bottle

Our aperitivos

Al Fresco, Red and White. El Bandarra aperitivos are made with Spanish wines, Mediterranean botanicals and bottled in reusable bottles inspired by the Spanish yesteryear tradition of hand-painting the names of the tapas on the windows of the bars.

The taste of Barcelona in a bottle

Al Fresco is El Bandarra’s long drink, perfect to extend the good times with friends.

Made to be mixed with tonic, Al Fresco is soft, bittersweet, with notes of Mediterranean botanicals, a touch of grapefruit and drops of Barcelona-by-the-beach.

Serve ⅓ of Al Fresco, with ⅔ of tonic and a slice of orange and enjoy it Barcelona style.

APERITIVO • 14,5% VOL • 100 CL

The classic. The lifelong aperitivo

The most traditional midday drink among friends in Barcelona, El Bandarra rojo is a smooth, appetizing aperitivo with a perfect bitter-sweet balance. Made with over 50 botanicals like clove, cinnamon or bitter orange.

Serve with ice and a slice of orange. And throw in a couple olives too, after all, life is short.

VERMOUTH • 15% VOL. • 100 CL

The sweetest sip of El Bandarra.

Appetizing, refreshing and with a touch of vanilla. Our white aperitivo is made of white Grenache and Xarel-lo grapes and tastes like finding money in your pocket: unexpected and marvelous at the same time.

Enjoy it with plenty of ice and a slice of lemon.

VERMOUTH • 15% VOL. • 100 CL

As featured in

Sunday Brunch

"El Bandarra Al Fresco. Sunshine in a bottle."

Pritesh Mody
Presenter Sunday Brunch

Delicious Magazine

"You might not be able to go abroad together at present, but this aperitivo will bring a taste of that much linger-for holiday”

Delicious Magazine

Stylist Magazine

"Transport yourself to the streets of Barcelona with El Bandarra Al Fresco.”

Stylist Magazine

Bandarra is an attitude

Literally meaning “the rogue”, El Bandarra is more than delicious aperitivos that taste like Barcelona. El Bandarra is a sunny afternoon among friends, hustle and bustle and good vibes. A full philosophy for the rebel bonvivants!

Some people say...

The owners mum

The drinks are amazing and the owners are the most good looking people on earth. 

Now please return my tupperwares.

People from Barcelona

We know El Bandarra is delicious, but please leave some aperitivo for us too.

Mick Jagger

I saw a red drink and I want it painted black. 

And I couldn’t.