Extend good times with
Al Fresco

El Bandarra Al Fresco is the natural and refreshing aperitivo that mixes with tonic and extends your evening sundowners among friends.

Salir Al Fresco

“Al Fresco” is much more than an outdoor restaurant. It’s an ancient ritual practiced by Spanish grannies that consists of taking a chair out, gathering with other grannies and bending time at will to untangle the world in just a few hours.

El Bandarra Al Fresco

Bending time is not easy, that’s why we’ve created “El Bandarra Al Fresco”. The craft drink made of Spanish wines and Mediterranean botanicals, that mixes with tonic and extends your aperitivo moment almost as our grannies do.


Al Fresco Tonic

Fill your glass with ice to the top
1 part Al Fresco (75 ml.) and 2 parts Tonic (150 ml.)
Garnish with a slice of orange

13 serves per 1L bottle

Enjoy your evenings Al Fresco as our grannies do!

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As featured in

Sunday Brunch

"El Bandarra Al Fresco. Sunshine in a bottle."

Pritesh Mody
Presenter Sunday Brunch

Delicious Magazine

"You might not be able to go abroad together at present, but this aperitivo will bring a taste of that much linger-for holiday”

Delicious Magazine

Stylist Magazine

"Transport yourself to the streets of Barcelona with El Bandarra Al Fresco.”

Stylist Magazine

Some people say...

Dinah Mite

A little bird told me it will be this summer’s drink.

Ada Mantium

What a charming bottle! A sight for sore eyes!

Millie Onpounds

Bless your heart! This is the best aperitivo I’ve ever tried.